Writing Effective Contractor Performance Assessments

In September, BPC, LLC was awarded a purchase order (PO) from  NASA at the Kennedy Space Center to design, develop, and deliver a two day course focused on writing effective contractor performance assessments. As you can imagine, we were delighted to be the awardee of a topic that we love so much. When I started with Suntiva, this was one of the first courses that I taught in Egypt in 2012. That being said, we traveled from our home to Titusville, FL where we set up camp at a Fairfield Inn and dined at a Cracker Barrel for supper. I tried to sleep, but I was far too excited. I was not a bit nervous, which is odd, but I could hardly contain my excitement.

Wednesday, we woke early in order to get to the badging center by 0600. As required by the PO, we had submitted our information weeks in advance, yet we were told our badges were not in the system. A few phone calls later, and we were all badged up and ready to get into the classroom to set up. We headed off in the darkness  to find the classroom building. What we learned is that the center is very scarcely lit, making it very difficult to see the building numbers, but we finally made it. The classroom was set up, our computers worked, and we waited for class to begin. The center has quite a state of the art training center.


The building depicted in the photo below is the facility we used in our group exercises and it located on KSC. It is huge. Rumor has it you can drive buses up and down the stripes without touching one another.












We then stuck off to see the center a bit more and found ourselves at the observation visitor’s center. There are five distinct launch pads viewable from this location.









Our next visit, was the NASA gift shop…




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