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Wiki is a collaborative website that collects and organizes content that is created or edited by its users. Wiki is a great tool for initial research, because it often provides links to expand the resources on the subject. However, in professional research, Wiki is not considered a peer-reviewed resource, so I would recommend using it as a jumping off point if necessary. Malamed (2012) provided a resource for using and collaborating on Wiki.




Blogs are a great way to share knowledge and allow for the reader to post comments. Noe (2011) explained that there are many types of blogs such as person, personal blogs that are written and monitored by one person, or blogs used for marketing and branding purposes. Blogs are useful in teaching and learning if used properly. Hall (2013) explained that blogs are a great tool for learning and sharing knowledge. She provides a unique guide for creating better blogging.


Simulations and Games

Branching story is a training method where the learners are presented with a situation that mimics real-life scenarios. They are tasked with making decisions or choices. The training progresses based on the decisions the learner selects. The branching story allows the designer to be creative and move away from the standard linear eLearning Snegirev (2016). The branching scenarios allow for an interactive learning event.



Virtual Reality is computer based training that provides a three-dimensional training experience (Noe, 2011). Video games have been used for a long time, but more recently we have experienced virtual reality. Virtual reality is a great tool for learning, but at the present is used mostly in commercial training by organizations with the financial resources for the initial investment (Reynard, 2017).



Microlearning delivers learning content in a short and focused environment. It presents the training through challenges that stretch our knowledge and often provides rewards such as badges (Penfold, 2016). Microlearning shifts the focus from courses to resources. You are probably most familiar with such applications as Duolingo. The information is provided to the learner in spaced practice, spaced quizzes, and includes incentives and milestones (Greany, 2016).




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  1. Hi Diane,

    I recently watched a television program that displayed branching stories. The television program allowed individuals to select between different storyboards. So, the audience was given two different plots to choose and had about 10 to 15 seconds to decide what the character was going to do next. All we had to do was use the left or right arrow keys on our remote control to make the selection. It was my first viewing of than kind of interactive television program. It reminded me of playing a virtual game. Wow, I thought. With this form of interactive television programming, I could actually create my own endings. Then of course, I thought about applying this method to “television training.” After experiencing this type of interactive programming firsthand on my television set, I know branching stories could positively impact the future of training.


  2. Hey Diane,
    I like the idea of using a Wiki for frequently asked questions. At my job, a wiki site would be help for our courseware developers. All of the developers have different techniques for using code to program lessons. There have been plenty of times that I have forgotten how to program a certain function so having a tool to view similar programming scenarios would be helpful and save a lot of time.
    This would be a great tool for organizations so employees can find answers quickly to their questions or problems instead of spending too much time trying to figure them out on their own.

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