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My name is Dr. Diane Bublak. My background is government acquisition and procurement. I currently develop and facilitate continuous learning courses for adult learning in the arena of federal contracting and acquisitions. I am viewed by my peers as a subject matter expert in this area of focus. Many of the courses that I developed are 508 compliant and meet the requirements for Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act level certification.

The purpose of this site to provide the readers with a steady feed of information focused on instructional design and learning theories. While this blog is intended to explore and share knowledge on the topic of Instructional System Design, I hope that in the future, it can be broadened to include topics focused on types of learning, methods of gathering data to prepare for course development, course delivery techniques, as well as serve as a knowledge-sharing forum.

The internet has provided many opportunities for educators to work in remote locations or telework while providing a much needed service to education institutions, governments, and industry. Developing web-based instruction for on-line teaching is one such opportunity.

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